About us

Welcome to Floriana

The best flower and vegetable seedlings you’ll ever pick. Floriana grows seedlings for Australian gardeners. These include flowers, vegetables, herbs, perennials, edible crops as well as a range of pot lines to suit all gardening needs. Available at Bunnings… because the best gardens start with Floriana.

Once known as Wall’s Nursery, Floriana was founded in 1957 by Richard (Dick) Wall. What began as a small family owned and operated businesses developed into one of Australia’s largest and most sophisticated suppliers of quality plants to nurseries, garden centres, municipalities, parks and gardens.

Floriana and Oasis Horticulture merged operations in February 2006 with Oasis continuing to produce Floriana- branded seedlings and potted colour for both home gardeners and amenity horticulturalists.

The extensive Floriana ranges of flower, vegetable and herb seedlings are grown from the finest seed in premium potting mixes to get them off to the very best start in life. And that is what makes them so healthy, and so easy to grow.

Floriana seedlings are also available in colours (and flavours) that reflect the latest home decorating, landscaping and culinary trends. You can choose from a dazzling array of flower and foliage colours for your garden and fill your vegetable patch with more than fifty delicious herb and vegetable flavours suitable for use in traditional and contemporary cooking.

Try us today and you’ll discover why the best gardens really do start with Floriana.